Before purchasing any of our packages, we highly recommend reading our FAQ to have a better understanding of how our giveaways work and to learn more about our company.


What are Celebrity Sponsorships?

Every month you will be placed in our VIRAL loop giveaway promotions! The host accounts will announce to their followers that a giveaway is taking place, for their audience to have a chance of winning the prize they need to follow the sponsor accounts that they are following. YOU become one of those sponsors on the list that their audience needs to follow.

Each giveaway typically lasts a week & you will receive new followers on Day 1 of the promotion starting.

Depending on which growth package you select you can be in a giveaway every week allowing your brand to skyrocket in a matter of weeks not years!

This growth strategy has been proven to be the FASTEST & the SAFEST way to organically grow your brand.

Are They Real Followers?

Yes! unlike other companies that use bots or buy fake followers, our campaigns generate followers directly from the host accounts that means you will receive real followers

Will my account be safe?

Think of this as influencers given your brand a shout out, we don't need any login information or passwords and we stick to the terms of service for Instagram to keep you account safe. We only need the account Instagram handle and we take care of the rest from there.

How long until I see results?

After we process your order you will be placed in the next available campaign, they happen every week so you won't be waiting long, once the campaign launches you will see results on day 1 of the campaign launch.

Do all of the followers stay?

Typically 90%+.or more stay - The content you post has a large part to play in this. Our job is to bring massive brand exposure to you just like any other marketing campaign from there we suggest having a retention funnel in place to offer your new fans something to stay for years to come!

While the new followers turn up make sure you are extremely active with your posts or even run an inhouse giveaway to turn them into customers to increase your ROI.

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